Growing Mushrooms For Fun And Profit :

Top 3 Ways To Get Started With Mushrooms



  • Fresh
  • Fun
  • Sustainable
  • Good For Health
  • Medicinal
  • Profitable

Growing mushrooms yourself is fun, sustainable, and potentially profitable.

Have you ever thought about growing your own fresh mushrooms but don’t

know where to get started? 

Perhaps you are a hobby chef or foodie who would like to have fresh organic

or exotic mushrooms always at the ready for your next culinary adventure.

Or maybe you have already tried your hand at growing your own mushrooms

and would like to take things to the next level, like growing for a booth at the

farmers market or selling to local restaurants.

Here Are Our Top 3 suggestions to get you headed in the right direction.



North Spore was launched in 2014 by a mycologist, an organic farmer, and a photojournalist — three college friends brought together through their shared love of the mycological world. What began as a simple love for mushroom foraging and cultivation quickly developed into an obsession with all things fungi. From there, an urban mushroom farm was born, as was the desire to spread the spore to the masses.


The folks at have a great selection of ready-to-grow mushroom
kits for the beginning grower. As well as growing systems for intermediate hobbyists

and supplies for the more advanced. They also have tons of information, instructions,

videos, and helpful tips.


Features:  Ready to grow mushroom blocks, Free shipping options, Instructional Videos 


At you will find a great selection of different mushroom varieties to choose from.

Here they take a more educational, hands-on approach to growing rather than ready-made “kits”, ranging

from grow bags to tote growing systems, to grow tents and grow rooms. 

Here you can choose from a wide variety of substrates such as grain or straw, liquid suspension or

spawn-type cultures, allowing you to create a “kit” that’s right for you. 

They also have an extensive library of tips and information available on their website to help expand your

knowledge or troubleshooting a problem.


From Mycology Supply :


   Most grow “kits” available today are simply fully colonized fruiting blocks that are ready to produce mushrooms when you get them.  Someone else has done all of the work and the process is made invisible to you. They are cool but devoid of any educational value.  


   Our Learning Kit will take you through the major steps of growing mushrooms including culture handling, inoculation of grain spawn, bulk substrate preparations, and bulk inoculation so that you can create two 5 kg fruiting blocks. You will be taken through the process step-by-step for multiple successful harvests.


   Our All-In-One bag contains pre-soaked and sterilized organic rye grain  and a layer of bulk media on top, all in a unicorn mushroom bag with injection port.  Inject your live culture or spores into this prepared bag, when the mycelium grows throughout the bag completely, open the top of the bag and place in fruiting conditions. 


If you’ve tried you’re hand at growing mushrooms on a small scale and are considering taking things to the next level, as a side hustle or you have aspirations of growing into a full-time operation, has a series of reasonably priced online courses to show you the way. Some of the courses offered range from

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