Why Turkish Cotton? The Details

Why Turkish Cotton? The Details

  If you have shopped for sheets, towels, blankets, or bath robes, you’ve probably heard Turkish Cotton mentioned.


  So at some point you must have asked the question ,


  “Why Turkish Cotton?   Isn’t it all just cotton? “


  Today we’ll take a look at the “Why” and some other facts and details.

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The Cotton

   Since ancient times, cotton has been growing in the Mediterranean, Anatolia, and Aegean Regions of Turkey.


West of Ankara, the Aegean Region has beautiful vistas overlooking the Aegean Sea and the Greek islands.


With lovely evening breezes and majestic sunsets, the area grows a premium organic Turkish Cotton that has extra long fibers, that when spun into thread, have fewer joints,

 giving a stronger, smoother thread.


Resulting in a fabric that is softer and fluffier. 

And the more you wash it the softer and more absorbent it gets.


Turkish Cotton fabrics are also lightweight, won’t make you hotter when you sweat and are naturally antimicrobial, fighting off bacteria and fungi.


  • Stronger
  • Softer
  • Fluffier
  • More Absorbent
  • Naturally Antimicrobial
  • Light Weight
Hand Towels and Fragrance


In 2010 Turkey had 780,000 acres of cotton under cultivation, producing 2.1 million bales.


With an expected increase in the availability of electricity from the construction of 20 new hydroelectric plants,


that number is expected to increase to 4.2 million bales and well over a million acres by 2023, according to the Office of Agricultural Affairs, Ankara


While Turkey is said to grow organic, pesticide and herbicide free, sustainable cotton.


It only produces approximately 40% of the Turkish textile industry demand, expecting to import 5.2 million bales in 2022 .


With demand for cotton expected to continue to outpace local production, Turkey is expected to continue importing cotton for years to come.


Being 2 of the world largest cotton producers, the United States and Brazil are projected to be the leading suppliers for the year. 

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